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Straightforward and right position of Belgian Prime Minister @alexanderdecroo: There is no diplomatic way. Putin is not an interlocutor. We are up against a wall. This war will be settled on the ground. #Ukraine’s victory will have to be military.

Never forget that Putin's #Russia deliberately targeted this maternity ward, as many times before in #Ukraine as well as in #Syria. Not a "side effect". Remember that 90% of Russian strikes target civilians. What would the West have done if it was Islamist terrorists who did it?

My regular reminder—I've been doing it for months—of why #Ukraine needs to reclaim all occupied territories, including Crimea (endless persecution of Tatars): leaving them in Russian hands means more desolation, torture and death. Time is of the essence.

Democratic countries must offer #Ukraine all military means to retaliate, including on Russian territory if necessary, to these attacks which constitute #warcrimes under international law. The defense of Ukrainian civilians cannot tolerate half measures. Period.

Just the perfect stance. Thank you, dear Olga. Please listen to her up to the end. Any kind of opposite view would lead to the continuation of Russian threat and harm our own security for the years to come. The radical defeat of #Russia in #Ukraine and elsewhere isn't negotiable.

Exactly the same analysis here. No one should excuse a criminal state that has deliberately murdered one hundred of thousands + people in #Ukraine, not to mention #Syria, #Georgia and other places. The only guilty one of slaughters is #Russia. Period.

This is the perfect statement. This is also what I am asking since months. There should be no limitation of any kind in our delivery of weapons to #Ukraine. High time to get truly serious.

At #UNGA today, 94 voted in favor of a resolution requiring #Russia to pay war damages to #Ukraine. 13 voted again. 74 abstained. We will remember the cowardly ones: neutrality in these circumstances is siding with the aggressor.

Deeply moving #Liberation How can we not weep when we think of the hundred thousand + Ukrainian lives destroyed by Russia & all those who will fall before #Ukraine is fully liberated? The West must greatly intensify its efforts. Shame on those who dare to talk about negotiations.

#ATACMSforUkraine for this reasons and many others. The sooner we give away ALL the decisive weapons for #Ukraine, the more Ukrainian lives we will spare and the sooner we will have won the war against #Russia. Our war.

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