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@EddieK_1987 @mikepompeo Shut up! It's already calculated - every American pays 14$ per month on average to defeat the biggest threat in Europe. It's not a big price to defeat the Evil. If Putin is allowed to take Ukraine, he will go further, and the WW3 will break out. Recall the history lessons.

@francis_scarr Russia killed 300,000 Chechen separatists? Why Ukraine can't kill Russian separatists?

@blackintheempir Because such big wars need money, you dumb fuck! Ukraine has not won completely yet. This process is long. On average, this war costs 15$ per month for every American - not so a huge amount of money.

@Trollstoy88 Russia is collapsing. You can't take Ukraine, the West will just increase military support and Ivans will die in bigger amounts.

@ClarkeMicah Have you spotted one interesting thing? There's no WW3 now, and do you know why? Because Ukraine is winning the war and stopped the Russian army. If Russia takes Ukraine, Putin will NOT stop, and WW3 will break out. Recall the history lessons.

@REVMAXXING NATO is the reason why small countries like Latvia and Estonia are still not occupied by Russia. None of NATO countries was invaded by Russia. Meanwhile, there are 2 non-NATO countries that were invaded by Russia: Moldova and Ukraine

@dtown33v2 @mtracey Because the US signed the Budapest memorandum to guarantee the integrity of Ukraine for the exchange of nuclear weapons. Don't want to fund Ukraine? Then, give Ukraine their nuclear weapons.

@thesiriusreport Russia's plan was simple - to integrate Ukraine into a new Russian empire. Putin doesn't care about NATO, he used this as an excuse for invasion. Look at Finland, they're joining NATO, and Putin is not doing anything about that, cause he doesn't need Finland for now.

@glyphodend Actually, it's what Russian propaganda saying about Ukraine. They call Ukraine "Country-404", i.e., it should not exist at all. And also Putin once claimed that Kazakhstan is also not a "real" country. Russian Reich repeats Hitler's fate.

@apmassaro3 How do you see WW3 if Russia can't even handle Ukraine? Even Poland itself can destroy Russia's army, provided that nuclear weapons will not be used.

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