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@Sean17285366 Ukraine is a client state of NATO that鈥檚 what all the billions of dollars we鈥檙e sending them to pay their government salaries are for. It would collapse tomorrow if the money is cut off. Ukraine will negotiate if we tell them to negotiate

US Industrial chemical companies putting PCBs and benzene in the water supply to kill Christopher Hitchens and John McCain with brain cancer before the Ukraine war starts

We ALL want peace in Ukraine that鈥檚 why we鈥檙e demanding a poison pill non-starter as a precondition to any negotiations

@BMarchetich You look at the savage and unrelenting media treatment he got from the Afghanistan pullout which disappeared and fully reversed as soon as he committed to fight forever in Ukraine. Cynical re-election ploy? Move to avoid a Dallas coup? Maybe

Look at what a policy does rather than its stated goals. We know now that sanctions on Russian energy have done nothing to help Ukraine or hurt Russia. It would appear that there is a goal to impose austerity and labor discipline on Western Europe using the war as a ruse

Peter dale Scott states that with the establishment of the military industrial complex every deescalation in one theater is followed by escalation in another. Sure enough the USA stopped spending $300 million per day in Afghanistan and now spends $300 million per day in Ukraine

Not a coincidence that the infinite money spigot gets turned back on the day this happens. NATO wants to use Ukraine as a test case for ending worker rights through a state of emergency. Bottomless contempt for the ex bernie staffer parasites telling us to cheer this 鈥渄emocracy鈥

@jesuslasupajew He set off the invasion of Ukraine the Chinese blockade of Taiwan and a civil war in the United States. We need regulations about using black magic in tweets

The greatest threat to the military industrial complex is peace and stability. After Lockheed cashes their checks not only do they not care if billions in weapons go missing from Ukraine, they WANT that to happen. If terrorist attacks increase in Europe that鈥檚 their next payday.

With its proposal to abolish physical currency Ukraine is making a strong play for the 鈥減ro anti-Christ鈥 voting bloc in the west

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