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Mr. Johnson (Not Jonathan
Christian / Husband / Father. Naturalized citizen of USA. I stand with my country of birth, Ukraine.
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@alexplitsas It鈥檚 heartbreaking to look at this stuff. Even more heartbreaking to look at all of the innocent civilians being targeted. Yet Ukraine has no other choice but to pay the price. I鈥檝e never been prouder of my motherland.

@gmohnenko Thank you Pastor Crocodile. May God protect you, your team and Ukraine and help for a speedier victory.

@MaxAbrahms Please rate the reliability of information from USA, Ukraine and Russia. Put them on a scale.

Putin is a genocidal savage. Not only is Ukraine going to be victorious, you are witnessing a beginning of Russian empire collapse. #Ukraine #Russia #PutinWarCriminal #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineWillWin #GloryToGod #VictoryForUkraine #RespectForUkrainianHeroes #袟小校 #校泻褉邪褩薪邪

@JayinKyiv The Ukrainians could have easily been ambushed. There is no explanation other than miraculous intervention. The prayer warriors of Ukraine lifting their military warriors in interceding prayer. Thankfulness for Ukrainian heroes. Glory to God. Victory for Ukraine.

@SpringSteps The Christians in Ukraine are praying for victory. And victory will come. I said this less than a week into the genocidal invasion. I鈥檝e listened to 100鈥檚 of hours of non-mainstream testimonies. The Russian atrocities are staggering.

@jeffreyatucker This is a very detailed explanation. Thanks for sharing. Michael could have just blamed FTX failure on money laundering through Ukraine (sarcastically).

@HypocriLib @LPNational This is Ukraine. These are the Ukrainian鈥檚 I stand behind. The truth will prevail.

@HypocriLib @LPNational 馃ケ The left blames everything wrong with the world on Russia. The Kremlin-apologists blame everything wrong with the world on Ukraine. Both are lazy. If there is corruption, it will all come out. The current 鈥渞eports鈥 are unimpressive and predicable.

@LPNational You misspelled Victory鈥 We sure could use a Victory Day in Ukraine.

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