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Gene Price
Marketing Director Craftmaster Construction Focus a Better World , Through Better Construction
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@LeahsLounge The war in Ukraine ! Political pawn used by Putin to embarrass America and trade for a dangerous Russian menace in prison!馃槑

@rondaracha She's a pawn in the game , unfortunately she brought a drug in that let them justify their actions . If we didn't have the Ukraine war , they wouldn't have used this , but what can you expect from Putin ! 馃毇

@JuliaDavisNews @UROCKlive1 I pray Ukraine takes out Russia and marches into the Kremlin to get Putin and destroy him in the public square ! He has to be eliminated 鈽狅笍

@ginajellybeana7 @imcbear We are , they need their ass kicked and out of Ukraine 馃槑

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