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9⃣/end -everyone should remember: Crimea is part of Ukraine. Kherson is part of Ukraine. Luhansk is part of Ukraine. Donetsk is part of Ukraine. Zaporizhzhia is part of Ukraine. Putin's fake referendums will never change that.

8⃣The votes are illegal too. The 1996 Ukrainian constitutional already has a process to change its territorial make-up, and it isn't this. Article 73 of the Ukrainian Constitution states: "Altering the territory of Ukraine is resolved exclusively by an All-Ukrainian referendum."

1⃣ Russia has just started holding "referendums" in Eastern Ukraine. Citizens will be asked whether they want their district to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. Let's be perfectly clear: these votes will be faked, forced, and illegal. Here's why you should care:🧵

The Biden admin & Europe must decide: Do they stand with Ukraine in their fight against Russia, or with the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism—the Islamic Republic of Iran? They can’t have it both ways. My new op-ed in ⁦⁦@WSJopinion

Russians are abandoning the Putin regime. Putin has lost 10% of his war gains in Ukraine. The Russian market fell 9 points today.

In the six months since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, Russian forces have killed well over 5,000 innocent civilians, including AT LEAST 362 Ukrainian children. They have wounded many thousands more. We must call Russia what it is: a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

BREAKING: U.S. intelligence analysts warned @JoeBiden as early as October 2021 that Putin saw a window of opportunity to invade Ukraine, because of the “humiliating U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

Russians seized Ukraine's nuclear powerplants and are launching rocket attacks from from them. Biden and his policies are making this even worse.

Today marks five months of Russia’s war against Ukraine. That’s five months of war crimes, five months of terrorism. We must label Russia what it is: a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

Americans support a strong and well-funded military. Last year BEFORE Russia invaded Ukraine and we lost Afghanistan, over a third of Americans said we needed a STRONGER military. The threats have only increased. Our funding for our national security must increase too.

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