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Shy but I love to write and not be shy in my opinions. Curious, a mom, love to research, read and a
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@richardbranson @ZelenskyyUa @DmytroKuleba Sir Branson, I think you will build an aviation business & more in Ukraine one day. Thank you. Ukraine is a gem most of us have yet to discover.

#Ukraine #Russia We don't care what Nazi Putin wants or thinks. Western leaders are standing against the Pariah leader of EVIL.

@ZelenskyyUa @BorisJohnson Thinking of Ukraine in the USA. It is not that people don't care; they just feel helpless to help UKR. WE feel your pain. The good people of the world stand with Ukraine. Only massive missile on the Kremlin & Moscow will stop the war. NATO must do more!

#Ukraine This grim assessment gives the green light for NATO to make very serious choices that require the bravery to take risks. AGAIN, missile strike the Kremlin. EVIL Putin still wants most of Ukraine, war outlook grim -U.S. intelligence chief

@POTUS @NATO #Ukraine Mr. President, we are proud of you for uniting our allies and treating them as equals with respect. One caveat: Please move faster to do even more--the maximum for Ukraine before it is too late.

#Ukraine The unprovoked and EVIL Russian attack on Ukraine has changed the the world and all the Western leaders who really understand the threats we are facing. 'Russia is not our only problem' says Defence Secretary via @YouTube

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