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The G7+ partners discussed on the issue of maintaining and restoring energy infrastructure, and confirmed their commitment to continuously provide Ukraine with necessary assistance.

On February 21st, FM Hayashi held his regular press conference and announced that he will be attending the UN General Assembly鈥檚 Eleventh Emergency Special Session regarding Ukraine.

They exchanged views on various issues including the recent situation surrounding Ukraine, the UN Security Council reform, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, health, climate change, water, North Korea, etc., and affirmed close coordination on these issues.

He also took questions on the treatment of Russian athletes in international competitions, provision of broadcasting equipment to Ukraine, efforts to stop Russia鈥檚 invasion of Ukraine, protection of LGBT rights and other issues.

On January 27th, FM Hayashi held his regular press conference and took questions on Japan鈥檚 assistance to Ukraine, the Three Principles on Transfer of Defense Equipment and Technology, and G7 + Foreign Ministers鈥 Meeting on Ukraine Energy Sector Support.

Since January 20, 237 generators from the Government of Japan through JICA has been arriving in Ukraine. Following the provision of 25 generators last December, these generators are to be utilized for securing energy sector in Ukraine.

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