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@mrickards1 @ProfPCDoherty @Ukraine @MOFA_Taiwan The world's position on Taiwan is that it is part of China. Only the 8-1 nation alliance (G7) disagree.

@realNickWake @Reuters @SpeakerPelosi Except there isn't. The US is just gonna start another war and then watch the people die. Just look at Ukraine.

@crypto_flan We are moving rapidly towards a new world. Good news is, it cannot be worse than the world western hegemony has built over the last 500 years. On a sidenote, China cannot "invade TW province like Russia invaded Ukraine". Ru/Ukr are countries, TW is a province of China.

@H_onfilm Yes, western media hegemony os still incredibly strong. But I've seen how the Ukraine war turned out... in the end what matters are still the weapons and the situation on the ground... Well, we will see. Moment of truth, Pelosi's plane has just entered chinese airspace.

@lennartreus @mtracey If Ukraine aquires weapons with 300km range, the frontline will be pushed 300km from the borders of Russia and the Donbas republics.

@lennartreus @mtracey Now the frontline is gonna be pushed in accordance with the range of new weapons Ukraine aquires. Russia has said so openly.

@lennartreus @mtracey You misunderstand this completely. Ukraine had a vast arsenal of weapons, which it used to bomb the Donbas for 8 years. Without western weapons Russia would have destroyed those weapons, secured the Donbas and water for Crimea, and be done.

@RWApodcast @Taurevanime I guess it might sour the relationship between Moldova and Ukraine, making an escalation of the conflict in this direction just a little less likely.

@JaroslavH @Stasimoto1 @cryptodrftng @AnnekaTreon That's ignoring a whole bunch of history, but whatever, if that's what you believe... Point is that Ukraine is not going to join the EU anytime soon. If ever, it's gonna take DECADES. ... ESPECIALLY in a WWIII scenario, because that would be the definitive end of the EU. 馃槞

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