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@mhtfl @ragipsoylu At least many are attempting to limit and phase it out. Will Turkey follow suit? I doubt it. Erdogan can鈥檛 even handle the Turkish economy but wants to be the peacemaker for Ukraine.

@mhtfl @ragipsoylu Does that mean you work for Russia? The one enemy the alliance you鈥檙e a member of is designed to oppose? On one hand you sell drones to Ukraine and on the other you shake hands with a monster. Get some morals and values. It鈥檚 sickening.

@DefenceU @elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog Elon should a factory in Ukraine after the war to help the recovery 馃槫

@RepsMasi @spectatorindex Nobody has ever said Ukraine is winning the war. It鈥檚 a war of attrition. Russia lost the battle for the north and for Kyiv. Russia has absolutely failed in almost all of its objectives and lost tens of thousands of troops and thousands of pieces of equipment. No one wins.

@ragipsoylu Turkey really does not give a fuck about Ukraine or NATO

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