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Libertarian. Not all martyrs see divinity, but at least you tried....
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I LOVE every conspiracy in the world. The fact that within 24 hours of the #FTXScam being tied to #Ukraine, Russia strikes a NATO ally in #Poland, is interesting.

@ophardy @SeanDevinsDaily @AOC Who said the entirety of Ukraine is teeming with Nazis? I said weapons are going to Ukrainian Nazis - fact. You support that - fact.

@ophardy @SeanDevinsDaily @AOC I never said Russia didn't have Nazis. But you said Ukraine doesn't. And you're a liar, because they do.

@AaronParnas Exactly - so keep my money out of anything to do seth that conflict. Those areas are Ukraine's responsibility alone.

@donwinslow @GovRonDeSantis Agreed. I wonder if the $81 fucking BILLION we've given to Ukraine would actually help more.... in fact, I've hated the whole cleanup in FL could be covered by what we've spent supporting Nazi brigades in Kyiv....

@RonFilipkowski The irony of to with your Ukranian flag in the bio, knowing full well that Obama/Biden overthrew the duly elected government in Ukraine in 2014v is just so rich.....

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