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@cspanwj Ukraine will never be part of Nato unless there is a total collapse of order in that part of the world.

@cspanwj The Ukraine has invested wisely since the 1990's inside the Washington DC bubble

@cspanwj The Ukraine has invested wisely in the DC bubble since 1990. Cspan should get manafort on to explain it

@cspanwj Does the NYT feel there is backsliding going on?. || Biden Faces New Challenges Holding Together a Coalition to Support Ukraine https://t.co/eo9jGRtk14

@cspanwj The Ukraine has invested wisely inside the Washington DC bubble. Look at the ROI they have gotten

@cspanwj Chernobyl is already a good nk of irradiated territory in the Ukraine.

@cspanwj How much have the western European countries spent supporting the Ukraine. Is Poland doing as much or more than most other countries.

@cspanwj Conflating the Cuban Missile crisis with what's happening in the Ukraine is a bubble creation to distract from the dismal election news.

@dvaughanCI I wouldn鈥檛 doubt that a considerable amount of the money the Ukraine gets is used to generate more funding from the West especially the US. Someone should interview Manafort, he can open some eyes with what he knows.

@cspanwj The bubble crowd and the Congressional Democrats like the Ukraine because they think it makes look tough on Foreign policy.

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