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Can we just have peace? Is that too much to ask?
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@Devlinside123 @DavidAFrench Tactical nukes would not stop Ukraine from liberating its own territory. They are not effective against dispersed infantry and armored formations

@InsaneHodl @RT_com Explain to me why Russia lost all its best equipment and why its pulling equipment and vehicles from the 60鈥檚 and sending it to fight? Ukraine is getting high tech stuff, Russia is using old soviet shit

@SupportKyrie @74Steve720 @monoblancoatx @SabbySabs2 Man, you are the most tankiest tankie to ever exist. You support Kyrie Irving, an avowed anti-Semite yet deny a genocide is occurring in Ukraine perpetrated by Russia. Why am I not surprised. I won鈥檛 even address 鈥淯krainian imperialism鈥 since I would lose brain cells doing so. https://t.co/EeoqT3jbkF

@YoMama66284744 @sociojen @SirajAHashmi @AOC You realize Russia refused to enter negotiations with Zelensky at the start of the invasion. Negotiations that would have kept Ukraine out of NATO. Putin refused. https://t.co/QvIMXn6VSy

@OCanonist Lmao is this the best you have as evidence of Satanism in Ukraine?

@NiklasNorman1 @IlhanMN Why are you not complaining about men like this? Or the actual genocide occurring in occupied Ukraine? Stop with the false morality Niklas. It鈥檚 clear your hatred of the U.S. overwhelms your ability to feel for the Ukrainian people. https://t.co/EmuMr5jeGf

@tritejoy @TheStudyofWar This rhetoric would make it harder for him to negotiate with Ukraine among the domestic population. Rhetoric aimed at allowing for negotiation may be something like 鈥淣ATO has sent to many divisions into Ukraine, but we have achieved our mission regardless鈥

@ai6yrham Yeah it has been off putting to me. I follow the Russo-Ukraine war closely and the lack of a 鈥渓atest鈥 type thing makes it hard to actually find up to date info/posts of people I follow. I don鈥檛 care about a post from 1 day ago. Why did they change it, Facebook is dying lol.

@RoKhanna 鈥渃ommitted to human rights鈥 Yet these are the people you want to force Ukraine to negotiate with and cede territory to. Does it look like they care about human rights? https://t.co/GduNibaN5o

@RoKhanna If Russia and Ukraine want to negotiate, then we should fully encourage and support negotiations. Russia currently has no interest in negotiating. Attempting to force negotiations plays into Putin鈥檚 hand and encourages him to keep the war going.

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