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@TheDAGWOOD13 Prioritizing the Russian invasion of Ukraine over that coming over our southern border is wrong. Sending money to Ukraine rather than arms feeds corruption and is wrong. Helping Ukraine defeat Russia as quickly as possible is the right thing to do, but EU and NATO must do more.

@Gerashchenko_en A woman that age has not been brainwashed. Eradicating Ukraine and Ukrainian babies is inherent in her belief system. But there are plenty of Russians, I'm sure who are caught between saying what they really believe and fear of retribution for doing so.

@hrkbenowen The Budapest Memorandum does Not obligate the US to defend Ukraine. And I Reject Yellen telling me I have a Duty or Moral Obligation toward Ukraine. But Russia gaining control of the entire north coast of the Black Sea would spell Disaster for the World in food and energy trade.

@NEWSMAX Biden should not have blocked Poland from giving Migs to Ukraine last year. This thing would have been over by now. But no, let's drag it out and run up the war machine profits while more and more soldiers get killed.

@exileoftza @hrkbenowen @PlagueofProgs @heavyhead991 I am unable to validate that claim at this time, so I have to assume that the US is obligated to help Ukraine in these times, per terms of the Memorandum.

@exileoftza @hrkbenowen @PlagueofProgs As I recall about that deal, Russia promised to leave Ukraine alone. So how has the US violated the terms?

@hrkbenowen I wouldn't have imagined this as recently as Christmas, but this kind of crap is eroding my support for Ukraine. The only Moral Obligation I feel right now is to do everything I can to get Yellen the HF out of our government. She has NO place telling me how to feel about Ukraine

@SarahJaneguru Current alliances of former Warsaw Pact nations is irrelevant. Giving control of Ukraine's coastline to Russia would allow them to blackmail the world over food. Allow them to keep control of the occupied territories now and they will take the remaining coastal areas later.

@TheDAGWOOD13 Let me start by saying that every nation, starting with the US, should place its own own issues in front of those of other countries. But let an ounce of truth seep into interpreting this article and tell me why Ukraine should not be supported to the point of defeating Russia.

@TheDAGWOOD13 I support Ukraine, but paying pensions there is going too far.

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