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I am become Life.
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Ukraine is dealing with fascism in the correct manner, by killing fascists.

"Opposition to helping Ukraine" = "helping Russia", and that's what the GOP is all about. That and abusing women and children.

All the folks who were unhappy about the US giving Ukraine aid due to concerns about corruption will undoubtedly be calling for Israel to be taken off the tit. Any minute now.

Maybe the US government can ask Ukraine for some shooters to go after the Lord Haw Haws of our time, since we lack any sense of national self-preservation.

Shit, if I was NATO and/or Ukraine I'd have teams over here doing Sword of Gideon style renditions on America's worst 5th columnists. It's like we're incapable of recognizing that it's WW3 unless there's mushroom clouds, thus guaranteeing eventual mushroom clouds.

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