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Mike Heffernan
3D animation director, writer, producer.
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@DonaldJTrumpJr Yeah, why should you help Ukraine fight a mafia run gas station called Russia out to destroy its democracy, which is currently bombing and killing women and children to terrorize everyone. Oh, hang on… https://t.co/5jh3QHrOU4

@PhiCo81 @kamilkazani @RorateCaeli To hell with Ukraine, huh, let a dictator overrun it and kill and oppress its people? https://t.co/Ftj8F3jcJh

@PhiCo81 @kamilkazani @RorateCaeli In other words, to hell with Ukraine, right? To bad this won’t be broadcast in Russia so they can see what total barbarians they have become. https://t.co/YMyC8RGFBY

@Leo1Feng @idrees_aman @HalBrands Because NATO hasn’t been attacked, dumb dumb. Ukraine is not a part of the alliance, yet. That will happen soon after Ukraine has finished with kicking Putin’s butt. https://t.co/B1iS8d93n0

@2ndLieutenantt @KyivIndependent The clown doing his best to destroy Ukraine, destroys Russia’s economy and loses largest and richest client at the same time. Brilliant! So clever! https://t.co/MDB9SLcXlS

@mlarsenault @McFaul Winning means conquering all of the country, that was the invasion goal. But even with a vastly more powerful military, Putin’s barbarian army only holds 20% of Ukraine. Hitler and Napoleon once had lots of territory and we all know how that turned out.

@CGTNOfficial Hilarious, the invader of Ukraine accuses the US of destabilizing a region.

@daprovdaprov @KyivIndependent If you are not aware that the US has the best spy surveillance on Earth, you must be still living under a Soviet rock, komrade. Every move that asshole Russian army in Ukraine makes is passed on to the tremendously brave Ukrainians.

@McFaul NATO is mostly a red herring, vast reserves of gas under Ukraine is the real reason for Putin’s, cut the competition off at the roots, invasion.

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