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@JuliaDavisNews The propagandists also want Putin to invade Poland and Germany they want to put scholz on trial for being a so called Nazi just bc he鈥檚 helping Ukraine and that he lives in Germany the propagandists will never stop pretending to be in the 1940s this is not ww2 with Hitler

@TheKremlinYap Still claiming nato is at war with Russia newsflash there鈥檚 no nato troops on the from line and and nato is only helping Ukraine nothing more but apsolovyov won鈥檛 get that through his thick skull he rather tell lies about what鈥檚 happening

@nexta_tv Putin threatens to invade other countries I knew he wanted to re create the Soviet Union Poland and Germany are next after Ukraine

@TheKremlinYap Can solovyov make up his mind does he want Ukraine nuked or not bc he and other propagandists say we don鈥檛 wanna nuke Ukraine they they say let鈥檚 do it then they say let鈥檚 not do it they are our brothers why can鈥檛 the propagandists make up their minds

@DramaticSkye @Gerashchenko_en they threaten to try to get the west to end aid to Ukraine

@NoMoreDramaMa @Gerashchenko_en the threats are there to prevent the west from aiding Ukraine

@JuliaDavisNews they said before nuclear threats is the only way to deter the United States from helping Ukraine

@RonFilipkowski If he was president he Would of pulled the U.S.A. out of nato and gave stuff to Russia to defeat Ukraine

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