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@HannaLiubakova Mothers we're saying they would rather their sons take their chances in Ukraine than sure death at home from alcohol.

@bread_baking @am_misfit Russia has to go through Ukraine then Poland to reach Germany. Where would Germany rather stop them?

@MattWalshBlog Matt, poor Matt. Russians rape their recruits, feed them crap and steal their money. Then they send them to get killed in Ukraine. Total disinformation that you lap up like a dog.

@Alfreddezayas No. You. Are. Wrong. Putlerhimself has said Ukraine is a part of Russia as is Belarus. Imperialist not Nato.

@Reyanshin @noclador You are living in a whole different world and Ukraine is living in your head rent free.

@agripedia Thanks for posting this, hindsight is indeed 20/20. Amazing how well Ukraine has done and proved many doubters wrong. NATO has done better as well.

@warmatters Nato can do lot without using nuclear weapons in retaliation. Shut the skies and go after every Russian unit in Ukraine. If nuclear weapons are used in Russia all bets are off. Nato does not need to use nuclear weapons to blow Russian units out of Ukraine. Air power is supreme.

@LucasADWebber Guy is full of shit and has been for been. He basically advocates Ukraine to roll over and show their stomach to Russia like a dog. But who is really getting their asses kicked? Russia.

@ethanbaron V2 will solve that problem but it has to launch on Starship. V1 is helping Ukraine win the war.

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