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No what you are trying to do is minimize Indigenous genocide and colonialism of Black & Brown countries. By comparing what鈥檚 happening to Ukraine to genocide and colonialism. That is not what Ukraine war is about. And you don鈥檛 understand what colonialism is.

@meteorman9 We are talking about original reason Ukraine didn鈥檛 wanna fall under communism. It鈥檚 Bc they were holding the Jews and poor ppl down like their allies in the Tsarisr monarchy

It鈥檚 weird when two African countries fight they don鈥檛 call it colonizing, but when 馃嚭馃嚘 ppl talk about Russia & Ukraine fighting suddenly it鈥檚 鈥渃olonization鈥. Colonizing is more than just a war and land grab. It鈥檚 erasure of another races culture and genocide.

White on White crime. That they should handle on their own. Poor Black and Brown ppl do not need to be funding the Ukraine War when we鈥檝e been historically more oppressed than them.

@zsakb Yup what I meant by a lot of Slavic languages and pacific island languages and they all bond Bc of that shared culture and language. So it鈥檚 flaw af to call Russian invasion colonizing. Bc they ain鈥檛 trynna to erase or change Ukraine culture they just are attempting a land grab.

@yawdjin @NyereSamaringa I agree there鈥檚 any solidarity with Ukraine Bc they are white and the other counties aren鈥檛

No but as an indigenous person you are really minimizing what colonization & imperialism really is. It鈥檚 more than just a land grab of a country that initially existed under pre & post USSR. It鈥檚 a racial erasure of another people鈥檚 culture. That鈥檚 not happening in Ukraine.

Nah you are ignoring reason why Ukraine wanted independence. They wanted independence to keep the pale of settlements intact & out of loyalty to the Tsarit Monarchy. and to secure independence they helped the Nazis murder 1 Million Ukrainian Jews.

Russia can鈥檛 colonize Ukraine, they are the same ppl. Eastern Europe countries share same culture, food, and a lot of words in their languages. Ukraine belonged to Communists since it was under Tsar. Only reason they wanted Independence was to keep Pale of Settlements intact.

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