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@ricwe123 In Russia only White lives matter. Non-white are send to die in Ukraine.

@DiedSuddenly_ Is that a V? Did he support Russian invasion of Ukraine or? https://t.co/gtS8A0C6oq

@TrueMythocracy @JJSchaible @OlivierOlive22 @Ibeenthinking31 @Spartanello88 @VRT_33 @AletrAmp @LynnRoos2 @LauraRu852 I get it. Ukraine is full of Nazis and that is why Putler want Ukraine. He loves Nazis... And so do you it seems. You look at Nazi videos day and night. Once Russia win all non-white will be killed. Putin 1 would be proud!

@tassagency_en Russian part of agreement: Do not attack ships sailing grains from Ukraine. How is that part hard to live up to? 馃

@mikespace22 @Tendar Ukraine of course :-D Let the russians kill eachother.

@NOELreports So if there are 500,000 soldiers how many will try to fight Ukraine? Perhaps 75,000. The rest will try to kill Lukashenko 馃槇

@HaraldinChina @Ivan86173251 @apmassaro3 You mean the fake vote in 2014. Besides How Can it return to Russia If it never left? The only reason to have a vote is if you agree that it was a part of Ukraine. 馃槈

@HaraldinChina @Ivan86173251 @apmassaro3 USSR and Russia accepted the borders og Ukraine. Accept it. International borders placed Crimea s a part of Ukraine. Having a fake vote do not count. How many countries accepted it? So speaking of interntional law why not support UN that says it鈥檚 Ukraine?

@Ivan86173251 @HaraldinChina @apmassaro3 NATO is no threat to Russia unless Russia plan to attack its neigbours. So you just confirmed that Russia plan to track its neigbours and why Ukraine have to join NATO to survive. Also If Ukraine agree not to join NATO will Russia leave Crimea?

@Ivan86173251 @HaraldinChina @apmassaro3 Make up your mind. Did Ukraine fight against Hitler or against Stalin and Russia. Millions died in Ukraine. Did Hitler kill them or did Stalin and the Russians kill them?

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