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Andrij Melnyk
Ukrainian diplomat and international lawyer / Botschafter der Ukraine in Deutschland / Посол України
Location: Ukraine's Ambassador to Germany
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Thanks dear Manuel Conde Orellana @manuelcondeo, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission of 🇬🇹@CongresoGuate, for your overwhelming empathy with Ukraine & your powerful personal commitment to help us put an end to russian war of annihilation & achieve a lasting peace 🙏🏻

A historic visit to Guatemala. Privileged to address the 🇬🇹Parliament @CongresoGuate & express Ukraine’s deepest gratitude to the brotherly people of Guatemala for your unwavering support in these darkest times. This strong solidarity will be remembered for ages!Muchas gracias🙏🏻

Without the liberation of Crimea there will be no lasting peace in Europe. Ukraine’s army is able to kick the russians out in 2023. We appeal to our key allies to support us delivering all the necessary weapons, incl. fighter jets & long-range missiles

Every day Ukraine is reaching out to our partners in Central America & the Carribean. A very open conversation with the oldest newspaper in the region La Estrella de Panamá @EstrellaOnline (since 1849) on Peace Formula of President @ZelenskyyUa & the role of Panama to finish🇷🇺war

The moment of diplomacy has not come yet. All Russians will remain Ukraine’s deadliest enemies until their soldiers get out of all the occupied 🇺🇦territories, Moscow has paid reparations, all 🇷🇺war criminals are brought to justice & 🇷🇺begs pardon @ntvde

Revelations about a shameful story of #NordStream2 How German Government tried to shut Ukraine up & silence our vocal criticism of this dangerous geopolitical Putin’s project and threatened us with severe consequences for 🇺🇦🇩🇪relations. A must-see film

Thanks God it’s Sunday. Good time to recharge my batteries. Our diplomatic fight must go on. Till the final victory of Ukraine. So help us God✌🏻

Special thank you to my 1539 new followers from Germany, USA, Ukraine, and more last week.

@ronzheimer Sorry Paul, with all my respect, but how can ordinary infantry soldiers judge about the necessity of German fighter jets? I think it would make sense if @bild talks to our Air Forces on war planes & with Ukraine’s Navy on German subs & war ships 😉

Just look into the eyes of President @ZelenskyyUa The whole civilized world has to render all the military & financial support to Ukraine to help us liberate all the occupied territories in 2023 & establish a lasting peace @derspiegel

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