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Then we have people telling Ukraine what to do like they are the problem..They are way out of their lane..

Next, people will ask Ukraine to give up their country to satisfy Putin..I will not lend my voice to that

Ukraine isn't escalating anything though..This can halt right now if Putin just stop..Ukraine is only defending their homeland..That's it..Pretty damn straightforward

"You Black, why should you care about Ukraine? They don't care about you." 🙄

It's absurd but she must didn't check for the people who actually died and sacrificed a lot for her to say that type of nonsense..Her point is we shouldn't care about Ukraine because we need to take care of our own..

When their sources of history is inaccurate or false, there is nothing you can do really.. We are seeing this right now about the Queen's death, CRT, Ukraine and slavery itself

@PFR58 @Newsjun02416511 @TheRickWilson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Man, you are telling us that Biden is bought and sold by Ukraine and China when Donald Trump was caught RED HANDED TRYING TO EXTORT THEM..Trump's gear is made in China and yet, you are sitting here telling us this story

Russian missiles strike Odessa port day after grain deal, Ukraine says

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