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@ireal82it @bedtimebbq @QasimRashid So Biden sending money to Ukraine for war, means America isn't part of it? You don't think Putin knows where the money is coming from? Putin could have ended it but why hasn't he? Once America is drained of all its resources, it makes us vulnerable.

@JoeBiden After arming the Taliban and Ukraine but fuck law abiding Americans. Ya know it's treason to go against the constitution, something you're doing. You're the worst president in American history.

@robreiner After Biden armed the Taliban and Ukraine, your opinion doesn't matter.

@greg_price11 I hate to burst the idiots bubble but democrats don't like it either. As far as Ukraine, they have been given enough so now it's time for them to figure it out.

@HouseDemocrats Wait didn't Biden arm the Taliban? Sent weapons to Ukraine? Demonrats should be banned but unfortunately we the People are stuck with you dumb sob's.

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