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Mechaniczna Cebula馃嚨馃嚤馃嚠馃嚜鈿涳笍
Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone has a podcast.
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@Inconce57494141 @SamRamani2 Ukraine doesn't use armed groups in this war but army. You know who uses independent well armed groups? Russia. Good luck with that in the future馃槀

@DeuNachrichten @Khtz1530 @ukraine_map @les_politiques So I guess Russia had only pyrrhic defeats?馃槀 ( But seriously no one really know the true casualties of either side; Ukraine is not providing their numbers and the numbers Russia is providing are beyond ridiculous)

@YahyaAnubis @TatanaLuksikova @LastGreatAct @haaretzcom Ukraine didn't invade Russia, Russia invaded Ukraine ( twice). That's why Russia is the aggressor 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

@AbigailWeir5 @docatron1 @WelshLa86864840 You do know that UN conducted their own investigation of war crimes north of Kyiv? Or that Russians themselves are bragging about children kidnapped from Ukraine and taken to Russia?

@jupiter6262 @osiris_neits @AZgeopolitics Haven't seen that. But I do know Ukraine didn't abide it, "separatists" didn't and Russia didn't - no one really was interested in implementing Minsk.

@osiris_neits @AZgeopolitics There are NATO soldiers in Ukraine, but not taking part in fighting. As for volunteers there is difference between former soldiers volunteering ( NATO) and active soldiers "on leave" being sent by state (Russia) But yes, everyone ( including Russia) only pretends NATO isn't.

@Belinda58646572 @griptmedia Yes I thought that's the money you were talking about. If not then what else did you mean by "Ukraine got enough money already"?

@Waynesghost79 @HellaFellaNAFO @TimRunsHisMouth If the Russian army is bad and the Ukrainian army is bad there are still good guys in this; innocent people of Ukraine and they are being murdered by Russians 馃し

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