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Over the last year, Putin has escalated dramatically his killing in Ukraine, both in volume and in kind of weapons used.

The U.S. and Egypt co-produce M1A1 Abrams Tanks. Why not send some of these tanks to Ukraine instead do waiting for them to be built from scratch in US? (I know that a different version of Abrams has been proposed to Kyiv, but Im sure they'd take these!) https://t.co/YRdVgnUvZx

"signaling that the West is committed to Ukraine鈥檚 ambition to liberate all occupied territories. Already Kremlin propagandists on television lament that they are fighting a well-armed and rich NATO, which has greater resources than Russia." 3/

"There are risks to providing more and better weapons to Ukraine, but there are also risks to not doing so. If the war in Ukraine drags on for years, so many more people鈥擴krainians first and foremost, but also Russians鈥攚ill die." 1/ THREAD

In 2022, Biden and other leaders of the free world responded fantastically to Putin's invasion of Ukraine. But in 2023, they need to do more. I explain why in "How to Get a Breakthrough in Ukraine" https://t.co/drkXJx5cbn via @ForeignAffairs

Just had the honor to testify, for the first time ever, to the House Energy, Technology, and Federal Relations of the @MTLegislature on a resolution in support of Ukraine. Thank you for having me!

McFaul: Ukraine needs a 'big bang' to change dynamic in war with Russia https://t.co/tQDEZJ29OZ

Strangely, lots of chatter on my feed today about Putin's first intervention in Ukraine in 2014. I can't respond to all, but I wrote about these events in detail in this book. https://t.co/rxksoVTmf4

Was a real privilege to host for dinner last night Ukrainian students @stanford. The stories of resistance and courage from their families & friends back home, as well as their personal commitment to build a new Ukraine, were very inspiring. #SlavaUkrainii! https://t.co/yuO2z9x4I9

Further evidence that Putin knows he is losing in Ukraine.

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