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Putin will only end his invasion of Ukraine when his army can longer march forward. That's why the @Biden release of another billion dollars in military assistance is the only effective policy choice for trying to end this horrific war. https://t.co/707gGBV2vn

So many Russian commentators on Russia state-controlled tv have completely lost their minds during Putins invasion of Ukraine. I assume they are supposed to be generating domestic support for Putins war. Wonder if it鈥檚 working? Are all Russians as gullible as they assume?

Well done @POTUS and team. 鈥$1 Billion in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine鈥. https://t.co/jOH7Liydzl

Why did Putin Invade Ukraine? I teamed up with @PolicyEd to unpack the origins and consequences of Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine. Watch now: https://t.co/Ys2l8p5LwQ

A necessary condition for peace in Ukraine is to stop Putin's invading army. That means more & better weapons. Any peace plan that does have a strategy to achieve that outcome is unrealistic. I explain where here: https://t.co/707gGCcDmV

Want to end the war in Ukraine? Pressure Putin, not Zelensky. https://t.co/707gGCcDmV

Stop telling @ZelenskyyUa what he needs to do to end Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Instead, direct your strategic advice towards Putin. https://t.co/707gGCcDmV

.@JakeSullivan46 on the Ukrainian leadership: "I believe that Ukraine's leadership is leading a country in an incredibly effective and brave way against the onslaught of an invading neighbor and ..."

@ianbremmer That my sense as well. Bu then why did Tom suggest otherwise? Was that just his reporting? As far as I can tell, the WH source was the only source for the story. he obviously didnt talk to anyone in Ukraine. (Even a quick, Google search of those names could have revealed truth)

@ianbremmer It matters to Zelensky and his team. That I know for a fact. Tom implied (wrongly; he really garbled this) also that the Ukrainian govt is corrupt by firing 2 ineffective ministers, echoing USG sources. That also is not going down well in Ukraine.

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