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Learning carries within itself certain dangers because out of necessity one has to learn from one's
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@markomihkelson @amnesty Why?? Because they exposed Ukrainian criminality and went against the lying status quo. White liberals are morally bankrupt. They support Nazis in Ukraine.

@berlin_bridge @AgnesCallamard @amnesty Of course you're going to deny the truth about Ukraine. Urgh. What next, operation barbarossa part 2??

Can't believe the cognitive dissonance of these liberals. Their brains are so poisoned they refuse to believe Nazis can commit war crimes and Amnesty must be on putin's payroll. Unbelievable #AmnestyUkraine #LiberalHypocrisy

@NATO and the USA have flooded Twitter with these NAFO accounts who twist, distort and take over the narrative. This is definitely a coordinated psyop because Ukraine is losing and more people are waking up to the truth . There is evil behind that cute image

@Euan_MacDonald Yeah I'm convinced. Because no lies have come out of Ukraine ever

@Last_Bolshevik These people are clearly on some sort of payroll. It's a coordinated attack to defend and whitewash Ukraine and it's pathetic

@OlenaHalushka If Ukraine did not slaughter thousands of Russians and plan further military action, Russia would not have needed to intervene to protect its people from nazis. Fixed it for you

@EuromaidanPress Yes, the death of these young men is tragic. So is the death of thousands of Russians over the last years, the burning to death of Russians some 8 years ago while people cheered. Ukraine chose to become a tool of the west. You reap what you sow unfortunately

@SamRamani2 Yeah, keep on sending weapons to NAZIS, USA , we will never forget how the west used Ukraine to fight a proxy war against Russia, whilst millions of Americans are homeless.

@leoschwarzbach @Biz_Ukraine_Mag @GlasnostGone Yeah, no Nazis in Ukraine. Nobody wanted this war but the western elite.

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