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中国大陆的小粉红,五毛, 做着中国梦的土鳖,请离我远点!
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@elonmusk @LindseyGrahamSC They can move back to Russia. Russia has the world's largest landmass. Ukraine can compensate those emigrants somehow but there is no way that pro-russians have been fighting for 8 years and pushed out the pro-ukraine people, thereafter claim the land Russia's.

@McFaul Even so, is this a justifiable excuse for the Ukraine to back down? No. Russians have invaded a sovereign country, as such they do not deserve care or empathy anymore. If they want the support, remove the war criminals by themselves.

@TimothyBuffett @AndrewNWest @DavidSacks Outright lie! you must be a Russian troll. Ukraine will join EU soon, most people, including yourself, would choose to be a European, not a Russian.

@elonmusk You wish. Russians will be pushed out of Ukraine, including Crimea, ultimately. Zelensky is a leader, while both you and Putin are just actors.

@elonmusk @ZelenskyyUa Would you shut your mouth up for a few days? This is a war between Ukrainians and Russians. As Russians invaded Ukraine, the West must support Ukraine until Ukraine chooses to de-escalate the war. Russia is challenging the world order where you are doing your business peacefully.

@elonmusk Let's try this: whoever choose to be Russian can leave Ukraines with a lump sum compensation. The Donbas and Crimea remain the territory of Ukraine.

@elonmusk Crimea is Ukraine's. Crimea was given by Khrushchev to Ukraine in 1950's. Russia was entitled to claiming Crimea 50 years thereafter, suggesting its annexation of Crimea was illegal and it was Russia's fault not to claim Crimea earlier.

@Iron_Man_Actual I am surprised how stubborn those anti-war camp people were. They grasped the high point of morality, and it turned out that they helped the largest fascist moves in the past 3/4 century, so they made up all the excuses and hoped that the US and Ukraine would lose the war.

@The_Real_Fly Mr. Putin is just a jealous guy. He envies the status of the West and the power of the West, even Ukraine wants to join the West and leave Russia.

@PeterZeihan Erdogan is the biggest winner of the Russia-Ukraine war. He got everything he could have dreamed if no war ever took place.

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