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One week into the final withdrawal from Kabul and Biden lost everything accomplished in the previous 20 years. $80 billion of military equipment lost. Citizens stranded. Then a proxy war in Ukraine to defend the border of a non-NATO country while leaving our own border wide open.

@fakastler @emperoreaganite How about we tell Europe that war in Ukraine is their financial and military problem to solve? You know, the history between Ukraine and Russia is entangled and highly provincial. Always has been. What national security issue is it of ours?

@fakastler @emperoreaganite Some of the billions of taxpayer money being sent to Ukraine is allegedly being returned from Ukraine to warmongering Democrats as political contributions. It鈥檚 a racket. Are we even accounting for the money?? War makes a few people rich while impoverishing the rest of us.

@fakastler @emperoreaganite How much taxpayer money are you willing to spend on defending Ukraine (while our own border remains wide open)? Do you have a dollar figure? How much money is too much? The total cost of the war is already something like $100 billion鈥

@emperoreaganite You are offering a standard set of solid opinions on the subject, we just don鈥檛 agree. We don鈥檛 need another Cold War with Nikki Haley pretending to be Ronald Reagan. We need new visionary leaders working in the name of peace. Ukraine is corrupt and bans opposition parties.

@emperoreaganite I鈥檓 concerned her 鈥渘ational security credentials鈥 place her firmly the category of prosecuting endless wars and enabling the military industrial complex. She made several points about sending military aid to Ukraine and I heard no utterance from her lips about brokering peace.

Is sending our Abrams tanks to Ukraine not an act of war?

Is not sending our Abrams tanks to Ukraine an act of war?

@KatyaSedgwick Ukraine is not part of NATO. We don鈥檛 have a national security interest. Ukraine is a corrupt dictatorship. The war will cost us hundreds of billions of dollars while our own border remains insecure. The money going to Ukraine is not subject to accountability or oversight.

@TheDemocrats Inflation is as high as it has been in 40 years. Our $32 trillion debt is the highest it鈥檚 ever been. We鈥檙e still at war (Ukraine). Crime is at or near 50 year record highs in some places. The border is wide open with record amounts of drugs and illegal crossings.

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