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After refusing to sit down with a reporter for over 200 days, Biden agreed to a carefully scripted softball interview. In one of the few times he was pressed, it was to set a red line policy in Ukraine - the same scheme that set the stage for multiple false flags in Syria.

We also discussed the usefulness of engaging with MAGA Republicans who've denounced NATO and its Ukraine proxy war, the current state of the US antiwar movement, and the effect of post-1/6 restrictions that prevents the public from entering the US Capitol to engage w/ lawmakers.

In their post-counteroffensive triumphalism, US hawks reveal real objectives of the Ukraine proxy war. "A victory in Ukraine鈥檚 understanding of the term also brings about the end of Putin鈥檚 regime," Anne Applebaum wrote, urging Russia's destabilization.

Open letter from @rogerwaters to Ukraine's @ZelenskaUA calls out Zelensky for "caving to the forces of extreme nationalism" & urges her to "put an end to the deadly war" by negotiating directly with Russia rather than lobbying for more NATO arms deliveries

The Biden admin's censorship regime has since escalated to target critics of the Ukraine proxy war. So whatever you think about Covid policy, this new trove of emails offers an important perspective on the state's use of privately owned platforms to censor and coerce the public.

100,000 Czechs protest their government鈥檚 support of the NATO proxy war in Ukraine and the controlled demolition of Europe鈥檚 economy. The rally brought together Communist party activists with members of right-wing Freedom & Direct Democracy Party.

Watch @briebriejoy at The Hill cover @RealAlexRubi's wild report for The Grayzone on Jon Stewart presenting an award to a member of Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov Battalion at the Pentagon-sponsored Warrior Games at Disney World

The US government is hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to make sure more of its citizens' money goes to Ukraine, where parliamentarians just voted to give themselves a 70% pay raise financed by international aid

US volunteer who fought with Ukraine's armed forces against Russia: "Whenever I hear that Russia bombed a school, I just kinda shrug. Because I garrisoned inside a school. That鈥檚 a fact." cc: @Amnesty_UA

Turns out some gun enthusiasts investigated Miami鈥檚 buyback for Ukraine and called it a sham. Seems like the perfect microcosm for the billions in US military aid that has disappeared into the hands of warlords and assorted criminals.

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