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@EricRWeinstein So Ukraine isn't worth fighting a nuclear war over. the Baltics aren't either they are pretty tiny right not a lot of people. Poland eh i mean they were always part of Russia so who cares most of them live in Jersey anyway nowadays etc. etc. Where are the red lines Eric ?

Heard something happened in Iran overnight. Factories producing drones that bombed Ukraine caught fire and exploded. Such a shame people don't follow basic safety regulations.

@eigenrobot @plzbepatient After Ukraine unless I see shells exploding or equivalent I basically don't care.

German made tanks are going to be killing Russian soldiers in Ukraine soon. What is this fucking timeline ?

@Iraqveteran8888 Such a 2021 argument. Ukraine is more relevant.

@Iraqveteran8888 @Ukraine They are rocking M113 right now Strykers are a defintie improvement. Also with attrition rates right now they won't need any spare parts for long.

@locust9 It's not their office it's a Russian arms developer they are visiting. My guess is for reference materials. I am not a fan of this game but this is not helping anything certainly not Ukraine.

@eigenrobot There is no single miracle weapon that can win this war though MLRS certainly had spectacular results. Ukraine needs tanks, apcs and artillery to take back territory. The West just doesn't know what to do with unstable Russia deteriorating into a civil war so they try to contain

@eigenrobot You have plenty of ammo (US) the main issue is Ukraine is still using mainly Soviet systems and those are becoming in short supply tank parts ammo etc. Also the US is supplying enough for a certain pace because they don't want to rush things.

@fakebot696969 @eigenrobot Cluster munitions are in fact not prohibited and has been used extensively by both sides since the beginning of the war when it was applicable. Only 13 states in the world signed that convention and neither Russia nor Ukraine nor US did. https://t.co/gmG4rYnD2H

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