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@jr202220222022 @ColinBurlinson @thesiriusreport Putin DEMANDED free reign in ENTIRE EASTERN EUROPE. He didn't ask. HE DEMANDED. Also, remember the 'de-nazification'? That's Putin-speak for the genocide of everyone in Ukraine that resist ethnic Russian hegemony. How many millions is that now that > than 80% resist negotiations

@INTHEL00P @svs_wx @thesiriusreport Ukraine is a member of NATO's Partnership for Peace programme. NATO, EU & many others support Ukraine's full sovereignty. Putin does not want any neighbours he can't fully dominate, control & steal territory from to boost his standing in a population corrupted by propaganda.

@ColinBurlinson @thesiriusreport The result of blocking Ukraine's and Georgia's admission to NATO is right in front of our eyes. It was a huge mistake that must be rectified. Stoltenberg only voices something that became obvious to everyone on February 24th this year. The plague that is Russia must be contained

@cromulent121 @airshaped @thesiriusreport Well if I am then so are you, because as I've said Russia has a much bigger Nazi problem than Ukraine has. I can post a link to an American Nazi that even says that the Ukrainian Nazis aren't real Nazis like the Russians are. At the end of the day, who invaded who?

@cromulent121 @airshaped @thesiriusreport Yes, there are Nazis in Ukraine. Guess what, there are Nazis in every country more or less, and in some, like Russia, it is way worse than it is in Ukraine. Except ypu do not want to accept it because Nazism is your only angle.

@cromulent121 @airshaped @thesiriusreport It's Russian television that is the source you dunce. Are you parents siblings or first cousins? Since you seem to have a hangup on Nazis you should know that if Ukraine have a problem with Nazis it is nothing compared to Russia.

@Don_Papa123 @Intricatexpanse @igorsushko I think they are still in decelopnent, but at a late stage. They will not reach Ukraine next week or even next month.

@BertieFigueres @TpyxaNews We have tied their hands behind their back. They can't use the long range weapons to target military installations in Russia that launch shells, missiles, drones and aircraft into Ukraine. They are also not getting missiles with sufficient range to hit important Russian sites.

@gooneybird96 @GrimnirGorilla @officejjsmart Destruction of the Black Sea fleet would end this war, because without it Russia is a midget in the Black Sea and its most important shipping lane would be open to abuse by anyone. The US threat was not exclusionary. US can simply hand over the tools to Ukraine to achieve it.

@MrKovalenko @ServiceSsu Keep texting and send them totally bogus information that can initiate a Russian attack at a time and place of Ukraine's choosing.

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