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@nissanapix100 @gutoaqui @SamRamani2 It wouldn't be a true show off support for Nazi Ukraine without the 'blood and soil' Nazi flag.

Johnny is one of the only British reporters with the courage and integrity to actually visit Donbass and report on Ukraine's eight year-long campaign to destroy the ethnic Russian population there. Please share this excellent interview with @johnnyjmils.

Pro-Ukraine propagandist, Oliver Alexander, believes that the Ukrainian military should "crack down on" the use of Nazi insignia because it is not "a good look". Perhaps Oliver could extend the same advice to Ukraine's Nazi Commander-in-Chief and his Nazi regimental Commanders.

@AKaszon @DoctorNeu2 @theholiestbacon High places indeed... Like Ukraine's Nazi Commander-in-Chief, to the Nazi Commanders and militants beneath him and Ukraine's Nazi security services and Nazi police units.

@DFBbear @KreaseChan @WebSummit This Amnesty International fraud has had his Twitter account since 2011. In that time, he has produced not one single tweet regarding Ukraine's eight year campaign of shelling, torture and mass murder in the East and South of Ukraine.

@GlagoliticFaith @fabianBiaDJ This is pure Nazi propaganda and lies. The Director General of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky has documented Ukraine's Nazism for years. Go check his Twitter feed.

@BotTheFlag @LiviaGettysburg @HuskerDude247 @LBC Disappointing to see fascist EU and Ukraine flags but, thankfully, they seem to be dwindling.

@FALLLFAN @delhi_dave Yes. Have you seen Oliver Stone's 'Ukraine on Fire' documentary, or the French documentary in my pinned tweet?

@AfroJew84 @BBCSteveR We're going to need to remove the same fascist ideology from the rest of Europe and AmeriKKKa too. Ukraine's Banderites would have never taken over Ukraine if it weren't for the fascists of our ruling classes and media.

Hugh wants the people of Scotland to be independent. Fair enough. However, Hugh also wants to see the people of Donbas forced to remain a part of Ukraine, against their collective will, despite eight years of being shelled by Ukraine's fascist army.

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