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@Bologna_Pirate @blackintheempir Ukraine defending its country since 2014. Yours is an incredibly huge false equivalence.

@BrianWi36324617 @XerxesEmperor @anthonyzenkus @TheRightPodcast The questions you should be asking is why all the former Warsaw countries aligned with the West and seek NATO membership? Why did they want nothing to do with Russia and why Ukraine wants the same. Before you answer they were forced, see Austria and Switzerland.

@Duplanti1Jimmie @ErichRRodgers @blackintheempir I find it odd when Africans completely support Russia鈥檚 efforts to colonize Ukraine.

@anthonyzenkus @TheRightPodcast Tell us Prof. How is it that Raytheon 鈥渓et鈥 Biden pull all forces from Afghanistan, but dictated and decided US policy on arming Ukraine. Then tell us how a professor becomes a promoter of conspiracy theories.

@anthonyzenkus @TheRightPodcast Wrong Prof. I鈥檓 generally anti-war, (and in the case of Ukraine am against US troops there) but I鈥檓 not an intellectually lazy ideologue. I recognize that different circumstances require different solutions. Nice try though painting me as pro war bully boy.

@thesadbigfoot @anthonyzenkus @TheRightPodcast Ukraine is ready and willing to fight and die for their freedom, democracy and very existence. They haven鈥檛 asked for US troops have they?

@AbrasiveTea @anthonyzenkus @blackintheempir Oh really. Let鈥檚 have the story about NATO pulling Ukraine from peace talks. Another conspiracy. Complete and total lie.

@anthonyzenkus @ericford31 @blackintheempir Sure. The industrial military complex is what made Russia invade Ukraine. That鈥檚 a conspiracy.

@112Michelle112 You missed the major point that there are no US troops in Ukraine. Nice try though.

@rjdelaney1987 @blackintheempir You don鈥檛 stand with Russia after saying Russia has a good reason to be in Ukraine? Do you see the irony.

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