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@mfa_russia @RussiaUN @RusEmbUSA @RussianEmbassy @RussianEmbassyC @EmbassyofRussia @RusEmbAU @RusMission_EU @RusEmbIndia @Rusembchina @AmbRusFrance Russian men, brothers, fathers - YOU MUST FIGHT AGAINST PUTINS REGIME - this war is so ridiculous for your country, for Ukraine and for the rest of the world - please stand up Russian people 🙏

@RF_OSCE @RusEmb_LT @EUOSCE @RusEmbEst @RusEmbUSA @mfa_russia @PLinOSCE Stop killing people in Ukraine and send freedom / Russophobia comes because you believe in the fucking monsters of Putin , Lawrow, Medwedew and the other fucking Russian regime !!!

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