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These are the guys who perpetrated the Bryansk terrorist attack, hitler salutes are the norm of course. The are indeed Russian but they fight for Ukraine and are trained by Azov. You can also hear them say: "Death to kadyrovite dogs".

Perpetrators of today's Bryansk terrorist attack were Russian neo-nazis who have been trained by Azov in Ukraine since 2014. Their goals are the purification of Russia from non-Slavic people (including non-slavic Russians). This is the export product of Ukraine.

The list is way longer, but these are some prominent ones. Ukraine is organizing criminals from all sectors together and weaponizing them. From the latin drugs criminal to the Yakuza women traffickers, from the hardcore nihilist neo-nazis until the jihadists. Its all there.

When will Russia learn from Ukraine? Setting up English speaking foreign legions... Ukrainians do a lot of things bad, but their marketing is better. Russian MoD just sucks at marketing and propaganda, wish they were more competent with that.

Remember when people were pointing out that 4 yellow bands on these killers of Ukraine was fake? Russians impersonated them? Here is a picture of the killed French mercenary with exact the same pattern of yellow bands!

They think it will be easy going to Ukraine killing Russian soldiers, when they're in Ukraine on the frontlines they realize they aren't fighting brown men on sandals.

@hank6543 A lot of people are misguided on the Ukraine question, if I could contribute in fixing that I'm glad enough. I've had a lot of people DMing me telling me how misguided they were.

We have nazis, jihadists, neocons, mercenaries addicted to war and slaughter, female nazi comforters on frontlines (prostitutes).... We have the scum of humanity united under one flag in Ukraine, but Russia will deal with it as it always has done.

In America liberals make a fuss about a group called the 'proud boys' or some other semi-reactionary groups with no nazi ties at all. But meanwhile those same liberals support literal generation Z neo-nazi scum in Ukraine. Hypocrisy to the end.

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