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Siya Manci
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@POTUS Stop funding Ukraine. As a global superpower you should not be taking sides but advocate for peace treaty

@GolfFBI @zhang_heqing Russia has been provoked. A deal was set, that no NATO expansion eastwards, the USA led NATO did the opposite, supplied Ukraine with military weapons as far back as 2014.

@apmassaro3 Ukraine is a terrorist state USA is a terrorist state Israel a terrorist state

@thatdayin1992 I have been saying this, that Putin is wise and strategic; no one is inquiring why Russia is so soft on Ukraine. I see Russia annexing more territory than ones already annexed.

Russia's ruble is the strongest currency in the world this year via @cbsmoneywatch People need to learn, it is not about Ukraine.

@Eleanor14181140 @thatdayin1992 United States doesn't peace. It's colonial father Britain stopped peace treaty talk that was going to be held in Turkey. Both Russia and Ukraine were willing to have peace treaty.

@namentstone90 @BenjaminNorton It has been the Ukrainian gov. If it is the government doing that, then Ukraine is guilty

@NotTweeeeter @ArseBiscuit1 @KimDotcom Then the USA must stop using Ukraine in its proxy war and face Russia directly.

@alfred_cabonena Who must we blame? This is the cold war 2 dear. Had the USA led NATO not militarize Ukraine, to subjugate ethnic Russians, propel Russophobia; none of this would have happened.

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