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To be fair I realise that unlike the Tories, he doesn’t have the purse strings, but if no one talks about the affect Brexit is having upon our ports soon, it’s going to be too late, if not already! Our food shortages are NOT caused by the Ukraine & are worsening!

Labour are going to be in a whole heap of trouble if they don’t start to show their support of the People more, but Labour, I mean Starmer! He won’t even discuss Brexit, when shortages of food are worsening & England will be worse off because of Brexit NOT Russia/Ukraine

#BillionaireTaxEvdersAndBrexit they're the only ones who can afford to stay OUT of the EU. The rest of us are suffering financially & the shortages of food are worsening BECAUSE OF BREXIT, not the Ukraine

6/ journey. This is causing shortages of food & goods with a knock-on effect of prices soaring. The SAME is NOT happening in other EU countries (with the exception of Ukraine for obvious reasons) they do NOT have any food shortages nor do they have the high prices the UK has

6/ I. Your Government are using what's happening in Ukraine as an excuse for the empty shelves in our shops NOW, when no other EU country has shortages, empty shelves or the cost of living crisis the UK DOES. (Because their government's aren't pocketing taxpayer's money and

Food shortages worsening BEFORE the Russia/Ukraine crisis affects us & while other EU countries have shelves bursting to overflowing and low prices!

Bollocks, the Ukraine was endangered because our PM is a puppet of Putin’s! He is a Russian ASSET who is endangering the U.K. too by allowing Oligarchs and their money into the U.K.

2/ They are currently blaming Russia's invasion of the Ukraine for our food shortages. They are being economical with the truth. Ukraine's grain shortages haven't filtered through to the UK yet. When they do it will be pasta & bread that are affected. Our supermarkets are

Dear FT the UK is already in a food crisis due to Brexit and not one single MP or the PM could give a fig about it. Because they're pretending with the help of Rupert Murdoch that it's the Ukraine #LyingB4stard

Why won’t the majority of Tory MP’s running for the PM’s slot address the fact that Brexit has failed catastrophically and IT rather than outside forces is what is causing our cost of living crisis! Food shortages WORSENING, nothing to do with Ukraine, they’ve been happening 1/2

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