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@GRomePow @MSOElevator @415GoldIsValue @zerohedge @elonmusk Get your ass handed to you in Afghanistan, lose $85 billion of military equipment and hand the country over to the Taliban. Get your ass handed to you in Ukraine, spend $100 billion on a regional war that the US shouldn't be involved in. Yeah, not related AT ALL.

@djkcpa @YallRCrazy @MaesterRAM @RadioFreeTom @UrDSU You care more about the eastern border of Ukraine than the southern border of America. Enjoy the last few weeks of the Biden regime. I'm sure elitists like you won't be struggling to pay for food & utilities this winter. Everyone who disagrees with you is a bot. Typical NPC.

@YallRCrazy @MaesterRAM @RadioFreeTom @UrDSU Unfortunately, Zelensky also has the goods on many politicians in most western countries who've been using Ukraine to launder money, including Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney, whose kids all worked there. So this won't end as long as Zelensky has the kompromat.

@YallRCrazy @MaesterRAM @RadioFreeTom @UrDSU No, I have lived 150 miles from the western border of Ukraine for the last 15 years, visited there, have many Ukrainians as coworkers and neighbors. How 'bout you, assclown? You'd actually debate that Ukraine is corrupt and no longer a real democracy?

@RadioFreeTom No, he meant most Americans. And he's probably right, sadly. But regardless of how many Americans could find Ukraine on a map, the USA shouldn't be within a country mile of a nuclear crisis over the eastern border of Ukraine. It's insanity.

@MaesterRAM @RadioFreeTom @UrDSU Ukraine is not a democracy. It's a kleptocracy. It's one of the most corrupt countries on Earth, only slightly less than Russia, and has been a money-laundering front for the west for decades. Look at what Zelensky did to opposing parties and the media there..Democracy my ass.

@jamandabop @WalahKerri @TimRyan Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Most Ukrainians had little, if any, real representation or any guaranteed civil liberties prior to Russia invading. Zelensky outlawed opposition political parties and media. Zelensky owns Biden. Biden owns Ryan.

@AVindman Yes, you've been dreaming of this moment for a long time, even before you (an unelected lifelong bureaucrat) tried to stop President Trump from investigating corruption in Ukraine, knowing that Biden would forever be compromised and would have no choice but to stumble into WWIII.

@MCodzilla @JackPosobiec As a resident of Poland living 150 .Iles from Ukraine for q5 years, I can only say that it's obvious you have no idea what Poles really believe about what's going on.

@jeremyr1 @AlastairGill3 @AlbanJones2 @disclosetv Well, I start by not trusting anyone with the Ukraine flag in their profile. And I live 150 miles from Ukraine.

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