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@StarTribune Here we have a nation falling apart with #inflation #BorderCrisis #EnergyCrisis sending money we don't have to #Ukraine #government #corruption And we have Amy tackling #Ticketmaster Way to go Amy!

So this little shit from #Ukraine comes to America to beg for money and he comes dressed like a thug in the #Russian #MAFIA #Zelensky is a POS money launderer for our sold out politicians nothing more

@RevTChristopher @ramp_mn @mnmed One can say the current system is setup to harm all. the open southern border does not help all, giving billions to Ukraine does not help all. The current system inplace is set to destroy America. Biden ain't going to save us & neither would Trump. The tide is set Hope in only 1

@LeaderMcConnell is showing and proving to the American people that he 100% in favor of the Money Laundering scheme in #Ukraine #UkraineRussianWar His actions prove that he should just switch over to the #democratic party He does not have #Americas best interest in mind

McConnell the biggest priority should be securing the southern border, but you ignore that, there is no money there for you, the #democrats have that all sown up for themselves. For you the money is in #Ukraine @LeaderMcConnell When are you going to change parties?

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