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Mykola Bielieskov
Research Fellow at National Institute for Strategic Studies under President of Ukraine
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In other words though conditions now to confront RU are far from ideal for Ukraine there are little reasons to assume that such conditions would improve if some truce/ceasefire freeze fighting now.

Ukraine’s artist depicting new reality. We are really grateful for US&its allies which supplied launching platforms and GMLRS missiles which proved to be great asymmetrical advantage in UA hands.

With RU firepower which had already improved by Iran UAVs with soon to come Iranian ballistic missiles of 300/700 km range for Biden Admin it will be more and more difficult to repel UA request for ATACMS. Ukraine can’t confront RU with just GMLRS or some new western SAMs.

From “Kyiv is doomed” to “Ukraine’s battlefield successes could go to far”. And the author of this op-Ed was a senior stuffer at Obama NSC when RU attacked UA and was opponent to sending defensive arms to UA + glad to buy fake sense of normalcy at UA expense by Minsk1/2 deals.

“Putin still thinks he can win time while support for Ukraine withers, and he’s getting some positive signals” from the US, where both progressive Democrats and Trump Republicans recently expressed reservations about the scale of military and financial aid to the country,

Such a great admission of RU that the Black Sea fleet is being progressively nullified by a country without any Navy. Glory to Ukraine.

Russia is not a guarantor of grain agreement as Putin said but sole threat to freedom of navigation in north-west quarters of Black Sea. Crimea has to be returned to Ukraine and RU Black Sea Fleet removed from peninsula to guarantee freedom of navigation in region.

For Obama Admin any truce agreement in Donbas was a thing in itself - buying fake sense of normalcy at UA expense. Biden Admin understands that first Ukraine needs to be strengthened/RU forces decimated and only then it’s good to think about negotiations. Luckily people learn.

But mud would also limit Ukraine’s ability to mount counter offensives. Defence minister Oleksii Reznikov said last week that heavy rain and rough terrain were making Kyiv’s attempt to retake the southern city of Kherson harder than its counter-offensive further north. Mykola Bielieskov, analyst at Ukraine’s National Institute for Strategic Studies, said Kyiv’s forces could use their “battlefield precision guided munitions advantage to [wear down] Russian forces and make their life at the front more miserable.”

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