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Львiв Tyler
Azov hater. It's not Kiev, it's Kijów, okay!?
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Your average Westerner who fights for Ukraine. Also, give @TrackANaziMerc a follow - they've got a fascinating timeline.

Then there's a third type ... the ones who proudly wave Ukraine flags because they hate their country and would gladly sleep with their Banderite enemies to prove it.

I hope Mr Sharii, a political dissident, keeps himself safe. Ukraine doesn't have a functioning legal system (actually there aren't really many things that function over there).

What's the point of Western governments laundering money via Ukraine if they'll no longer have a planet to spend it on? Think about it.

Do you really think the West would risk a nuclear war over Ukraine? No. Western elites want to private jet their way to their Parisian townhouses not be shacked up in some nuclear bunker.

This could be a clandestine mechanism to transfer capital from Germany to Ukraine (via Poland). Also, Poland desperately needs funds to integrate millions of Ukrainian refugees into Polish society. Whatever the case, Germany is no longer a European powerhouse.

This is the most that Ukraine can hope for by the end of this conflict. https://t.co/rIRlCsYjNJ

Why is the question of transferring @elonmusk's assets to Ukraine even being asked in the first place? Ukrainian politicians have spent 30+ years running their country to the ground. They're not the most responsible people to give money to.

Dear Westerners, Would you be in favour of a mobilisation in your country if it meant Ukraine will finally be free from Russia?* *you will be drafted first

Truedat. Send more money and weapons to Ukraine if you want peace. 🕊

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