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"Democrats" are not our friend ("Republicans" go without saying) #M4A #GND #CancelStudentLoanDebt #R
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@Lavendesic @caitoz Do you not understand what "the imperial line on Ukraine" is? The Empire is the United States. The imperial line = US official edicts on Ukraine, one of their colonies

@WhatifUwereTold #ImpeachBiden for total incompetence, irredeemable corruption, racketeering in Ukraine, war profiteering, defrauding the public, continual lying, and general uselessness鈥攈e's an ethical trashcan, a has-been outdated politician & NOT equipped for the massive issues we face.

@JHWeissmann It's a joke because Josef Biden is a senile republican box of rocks who thinks he's president of Ukraine now and is busy funneling the national treasury to a bunch of Nazis to smuggle out of their country in suitcases while a coup d'茅tat is occurring here #ImpeachBiden

@POTUS You won't do sht about the epidemic of gun violence, the way you don't do sht about anything else except funnel the national treasury to Ukrainian Nazis to smuggle out of Ukraine in suitcases #MostIncompetentRepublicanPresidentEVER

@PEEOTUS8 @kibblesmith It's the job of "president" to actually lead the country and I don't mean country of Ukraine鈥攜our clown of a republican dementia patient is funneling the national treasury to Ukraininan Nazis to smuggle out in suitcases while a coup d'茅tat is going on here #TrainWreckPresident

@NateoftheNorth @raymondbarlow3 @MatthewPHoh @DanWhitCongress What's "suspicious" about hating a racketeering cabal of election-rigging criminals who keep giving the national treasury away to Ukraine, counting their insider-traded money-laundered war-profit stock dividends, & doing nothing whatsoever but make excuses for doing nothing?

@redsox1203 @NFL_DougFarrar yeah "elections matter" so much we're now saddled with a useless incompetent senile war-profiteering republican who keeps sending the national treasury to a bunch of Nazis in Ukraine while gas hits >$6/gal, lines to food banks are miles long, and the homeless population explodes

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