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@MarkJamesonArt My friends in Ukraine are in their 20s and 30s they earn €400 a month, they don't have gold teeth or gold fillings. Remember when British MSM said Russian bread ovens were to cook humans, ghost of Kiev, goat of Kiev and granny with jar of pickles that destroyed a drone 🤣

@MarkJamesonArt The Pope tweeted asking both Ukraine for Peace and then Russia. It's his job to talk about peace and God, weird that people freaking out in the comments. It's disgusting seeing Biden, Pelosi, Clinton at events with Catholic bishops. They do it to get the Catholics votes

"If foreign diplomats believe that the time has come to brazenly put pressure on our country, they have chosen the wrong moment. We will not allow even those who are much stronger to do this. We didn't do anything wrong against Ukraine," - Serbian President Vucic reply to 🇺🇦

@MarkJamesonArt @elonmusk Elon gave Ukraine starlink which means he helped this war continue. The Russians Pows that were shot in kneecaps, their eyes stabbed out, set on fire these things would not have happened if the West and Elon were not supporting it with starlink & weapons.

Poland said 9 European countries that support Ukraine's membership in NATO. The appeal was signed by the Presidents of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, according to the website of the Polish president.

Jolie is being paid to promote eating insects. Most people can't distinguish between real or Hollywood. If WEF want her to go to Ukraine and "act like there's danger in Lvov" she does it. If U2 are asked to go to Ukraine, they do it.  It's manipulation.

@trussliz Liz Truss is a warmonger that works for the US/UK weapons dealers. She has no concern for the working class anywhere not in Ukraine or the UK. #LizTrussmustGo

The Pope said that the conflict in Ukraine was provoked. His words are quoted by the Vatican News. Pope Francis said, "We need to investigate the root causes that led to the conflict," he said, referring to international factors that contributed to provoking the war." Taras "Hammer" Bobonich Street will appear in Lviv He was a member of international neo-Nazi associations, Misanthropic Division. He coordinated the activities of the "reserve hundreds" of the Right Sector, who terrorized all regions of Ukraine.

Zelensky was officially asked to make Ukraine a nuclear power. The petition was submitted on a special portal of appeals. The author also suggests officially announcing Kiev's withdrawal from the Budapest Memorandum — after "the USA will provide Ukraine with nuclear weapons."

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