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@CFinckelstein Good article except for there is no pro-Russian separatist in so-called territories, there are Russians in occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, which were announced Russian territory by putin's decree on 02/22/2022.

@Dreamer2909 He is a bit wrong about pro-European government in Ukraine in 2014. Quite the opposite: Russia used the internal turmoil against corrupt Yanukovych, who was pro-Russian, and annexed the Crimea.

@SamRamani2 Funny, how suddenly one suggests to listen to Markov. He is the one who has admitted openly that Russian army had invaded Ukraine in 2014 and 2015. Where were you then with your analysis..? Everyone pretended Ukraine had a "civil conflict". 馃槫馃ぎ

@johnjennings101 @MBielieskov You also have nukes and Russia does too. It will be funny when Ukraine will get it. I will remember this conversation.

@PaniScraper @tweet4anna @NanTyrus Oh, so you are a "good" Ukrainian, because you moved only after the invasion and if you stay in the US for a while, you would stop being a Ukrainian, right? You are not Ukrainian, but a Russian, pretending to be one. You may even have a passport of Ukraine, but mentally 褉褍褋薪褟

@JustANafoFella @lokesfarmor @BasedWarszawa Exactly. Nobody questions them: Russians take part in numorous competitions, concerts, intern in Congress etc. But instead they look at Ukraine with the magnifying glass, like we still have to prove them we are worthy of the aid that's being provided. It's disgusting.

@Pfand7 @dberi21 Well, I did see the government info in Russian with Ukrainian flag next to it, like Russian is the state language in Ukraine. 馃ぎ It's extremely cynical and negligent not to differ.

@tsavatar @VolodarLychakiv @jpop_el_jefe Usually people, who mention Bandera, give Ukraine full agency for the events of WWII, but fail to acknowledge it now by insisting we should surrender to Russia because we are "all the same". Of course, it's not about you in this case, but I wanted to clarify it.

@tsavatar @VolodarLychakiv @jpop_el_jefe Bandera was anti-Polish and anti-Russian for sure, because he was pro-Ukraine, which was divided among those 2 countries at that time. To be able to discuss this subject, you need to read more than 1 book, and at least the one that was written by Ukrainian.

@tsavatar @VolodarLychakiv @jpop_el_jefe OUN had Jews among the members, btw. It's sorta ridiculous to put all the famous dictators together with Bandera in the same line, considering Ukraine didn't even have its own agency at the time of those events.

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