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Ukraine Memes for NATO Te
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@dgeyesonly Specific to your Egypt example, the longer time went on, the worse it got for Egypt. Their initial brilliant successes (which Russia hasn't ever had in Ukraine) began to snowball from small losses into ruinous defeat. Even if political goals were semi-achieved.

@dgeyesonly There is essentially no scenario where Russia regains anything more than local momentum, unless they can completely freeze the conflict. Which isn't to say Ukraine can only keep winning, but Russia almost definitely cannot advance any more.

@dgeyesonly They might be able to stabilize and slow the bleed, but by the week Ukraine increases its vehicle & artillery advantages as Russia's shrink. By the week Ukraine injects more *trained* personnel into the fight as Russia's trained personnel die & replacements are un/barely trained.

cuts both ways. A successful attacker, like Ukraine at the moment, will get similar effects & Ukraine has to be very careful to rotate front lines troops or exhaustion & complacency will ruin them too. But it feels decidedly pronounced with Russian infantry, especially now as

@putin_khu_lo Because you don't understand it. It's showing Ukrainian's being delighted to return home to Ukraine after captivity and Russian's not being happy to have to return to Russia.

@jaredjeya @whatthesamhall @RealAirPower1 Ukraine has literally banned AP mines that are victim operated (the ones covered by Ottawa). This is a US aircraft, the US and Russia are not party to the Ottawa treaty.

@FreshWaterSails @eccentricks91 @JohnByr76264169 @RealAirPower1 I haven't seen a single banned AP mine in use by Ukraine. Only AP mines with command detonation (which isn't banned). Near as I can tell they are still adhering to the Ottawa treaty

@engele @GreyWolf_24_02 @The_Lookout_N They aren't. We've already seen 3 videos including internals. It's surface rust. It's not great, but you guys over exaggeration for a rifle they won't even bring to Ukraine is not useful.

@pumpkin_addict No. People hoping for the worst/exaggerating how bad things are doesn't help anyone in Ukraine. It lends a false sense that this doesn't matter because they're completely useless, instead of the dire situation of 1000s more Russians with guns coming to Ukraine. Truth is important

Very based, thank you once more Russia, for alleviating the American tax payer burden by this kind gift of 125mm HE frag with fuses and powder charges for Ukraine.

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