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As to the United States, the Biden Administration鈥檚 refusal to send Abrams tanks is out of sync with the goal of helping Ukraine expel Russia from their territory. We must send Abrams tanks ASAP as that will green light other countries to send their tanks too.

I urge our German allies to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine as an act of leadership and a firm statement that Germany will continue to be a leading force for good.

Without heavy tanks Ukraine cannot defend itself against the coming Russian offensive and will be unable to dislodge Russia from Ukraine.

All the rhetoric coming out of the Munich Security Conference for decades would ring hollow if the United States, Germany and others do not supply tanks to Ukraine to counter the coming Russian offensive and expel Russia from Ukraine.

The Munich Security Conference - which is the premier national security event of the world - is being held in mid-February. It would be unbelievably embarrassing to have a meeting of the free world in Munich while Ukraine鈥檚 military needs haven鈥檛 been met.

To the Germans: Send tanks to Ukraine because they need them. 聽It is in your own national interest that Putin loses in Ukraine.聽 To the Biden Administration: Send American tanks so that others will follow our lead.

All three of us, one Republican and two Democrats, share the same goal - for Ukraine to drive the Russians out of Ukraine. 聽 To achieve that goal, the Ukrainian military needs tanks.

But I also know other Ukrainians will take up the cause and press ahead. They understand there is no other choice but to continue fighting for their freedom. May God bless the fallen, their families, and the people of Ukraine as they continue in this great struggle for freedom.

The tragic helicopter crash in Kyiv reminds us of the sacrifices that are being made each and every day in Ukraine. The Interior Minister was a strong leader. I know his voice will be sorely missed.

Finally, I鈥檓 hopeful Germany will deliver Leopard tanks in real-time, not in 2024 as has been discussed. These tanks will make a tremendous difference for Ukraine on the battlefield. Thus far the Germans have over-promised and under-delivered.

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