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@rosnow @briebriejoy @JonathanKadmon "Ukraine sought membership in NATO" No, it fuck隆ng didn't. Learn about how NATO works before saying such nonsense.

@copesint @ghostunit08 @billy_facts_69 "She said, verbatim, that she does not believe we should do anything about mass deportation and kidnapping in Ukraine by Russia." She didn't say anything close to that, fuck隆ng liar.

@T_connifer @brianAburman @Vl65620408 @aaronjmate Another fool who knows f奴ck all about the special status Crimea had in Ukraine before 2014.

@vonderleyen "We will never accept (...) any kind of annexation in Ukraine." "Israeli annexation in Palestine and Syria we're pretty cool with, though. US occupation of many sovereign countries for decades we're pretty cool with, actually. Incoherence? Hypocrisy? We're cool with it."

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