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@FukuyamaFrancis Well. Four southeastern oblasts of Ukraine were officially signed into the Russian Federation today following the recent referendums. That makes them Russian territory. Let's see what comes from tomorrow onward huh? My guess is a 'much bigger Russian collapse' is off the cards.

@zharikoffee @elonmusk @Nemli_mot You believe Ukraine is an entity that votes as one? Ethnic Russian Ukrainians might like a word.

@willchamberlain @MelnykAndrij Ukrainian self-aggrandisement is indeed insufferable. Yet you cannot believe Will that Ukraine got into this war as a sovereign country. Ukraine - at least post the US-backed 2014 coup - has been an American and NATO client state. There is no Ukrainian policy on anything.

@elonmusk Nowhere near enough. You'd need a new Europe-wide security arrangement that satisfied Russia and Ukraine.

@KyivIndependent Guess the answer is 'more weapons' to Ukraine huh?

@IAPonomarenko I say to hell with Ukraine. No point talking to this mad-ass fruitcake Bandera state lost in idiotic pseudo-history fantasies. Russia and the world can have talks with someone at least a bit more sane than the Zelensky puppet in charge of Ukraine.

@Sharon286544471 @KyivIndependent No way Russia would attack civilians moving to its territory. I believe - no proof - it was Ukraine attacking them as vengeance. They have a bad record on such acts.

@PJTatts @thesiriusreport Yes. What pressure was brought to bear on her and Macron - the two guarantors - to let Ukraine contravene and continue to contravene Minsk 2? Merkel cannot have been unaware of the potential devastating consequences.

@guardian So they're heading to Russian-held territory to 'pick up relatives'. Surely those relatives would be heading in the opposite direction *themselves*? More likely this convoy was in fact heading to Russian territory to stay there. And Ukraine hit them as vengeance for 'betrayal'.

@euronews Merkel is correct. And her Nordstream policy of economic benefit to Germany and stable relations with Russia was correct. Where she failed was as the guarantor (with France) in not making Ukraine meet the Minsk agreements. Which led to this war. Who forced Merkel's hand on this?

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