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@DavidHi53897744 @WarMonitors What is the point in a Russian Embassy? We could sell the real estate which is dilapidated but the land is worth alot. Send the money to Ukraine for fighter jets or jet!

@Trollstoy88 NATO is a defensive force! If Putin wasn鈥檛 a maniac country鈥檚 around it wouldn鈥檛 be begging to be under the NATO umbrella ! He鈥檚 a gangster and never keeps his promises. NATO never attacked Russia. Russia is an aggressor. Syria. Georgia, Checnia, Ukraine!

@front_ukrainian Get all the fighter jets there ! Ukraine needs them now. Russia is about to take to the air and sea all at once. Ukraine has to win this!!!!

@reshetz Yes it was horrible to watch! In 2013 I wrote in my diary , they are letting Puttin get away with everything, he will invade Ukraine! It was obvious there was something wrong with the man right from the beginning. My husband called them gangsters!

@shanegilreath81 It鈥檚 OK ShaneG there a lot of us old granny鈥檚 knitting for Ukraine . In Morrisons in Yorkshire my friend was shopping for Ukraine and asked if she could have a discount and they gave her everything at employee discount! We are sending trucks we bought to Bakhmut!

@NOELreports It鈥檚 terrible that Ukraine has to beg for planes!? For God sake they are fighting for us ! Against evil!

@nodnic2 Mad man ! Bakhmut belongs to Ukraine! Get on with your borscht!

@reshetz Watching how Ukraine is fighting for not only it鈥檚 country but the world maintains my faith in humanity!

@RishiSunak @ZelenskyyUa Don鈥檛 hold back Sunak!? As quickly as possible? Send all our tanks now ! As Boris said no use in Wiltshire it鈥檚 safe there ! Not just thirteen tanks ! Ukraine has a lot of land to defend! 13 tanks is NOT enough.

@EvaVlaar Is it a coincident that Putin is doing the same thing? Burning Ukraine corn and using a policy of mass starvation to hold the world to ransom and causing chaos everywhere?

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