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Joe Biden said there’d be “a price to pay” over Russia’s war with Ukraine. Unfortunately, thanks to Biden’s sanctions Americans are paying that price right here at home in the form of higher gas prices, food shortages, and energy insufficiencies.

The US government cares more about reducing the deficit in Ukraine than they do in our own country.

$1 billion for Ukraine is a gift to Biden’s Pentagon donors, not a deathblow to Putin. No matter how much you’re suffering, they’ll always be happy to steal from you and give your money to their corrupt friends.

@POTUS Just think of their potential power if they were armed with the same weapons you want to take from them and send to Nazi groups in Ukraine.

We are antiwar every time, no exceptions. That means no proxy wars with nuclear powers, no subsidizing foreign militaries, no blockades, and no overseas bombing campaigns. Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, etc should ALL be off the US dole.

@LPNH @scotthortonshow Right, the narrative never changes. 2003: "If you oppose overseas military intervention in Iraq, you're for the terrorists." 2007: "If you're not for the surge in Iraq, you're for Al Qaeda." 2022: "If you oppose military intervention in Ukraine, you're a Russian asset."

@POTUS Trump expanded US military involvement in Syria and Yemen, while you do the same in Ukraine. There is little difference between you two when it comes to entangling the US in foreign conflicts.

@POTUS So then, you wouldn't be opposed face-to-face diplomacy with Russia to negotiate a settlement to the madness in Ukraine, rather than prolonging the war through multi-billion dollar armaments packages?

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