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Pushing to ban weapons of any type while sending them to Ukraine in droves is an insult to all Americans.

Join us at the Lincoln Memorial Sunday, Feb 19 at 12:30 pm, on the anniversary of the Ukraine War. Veterans, speakers, musicians, comedians鈥攚e're all Raging Against the War Machine. And we want you there with us!

Libertarians oppose all overseas military intervention, including in Ukraine.

Tune in here in an hour to hear @scotthortonshow explain the real history on the war in Ukraine. The team will be taking your questions. Live 8:30 to ~10 ET #RageAgainstWar

A US decision to send M1 Abrams tanks into Ukraine encourages other countries to do the same, escalating the conflict with Russia and ensuring there is no peaceful resolution in sight. #YankTheTanks

The US is sending $2.5 billion more in military missiles, artillery, and tanks to Ukraine, bringing total expenditures to $113 billion and counting. Spending such a fortune there while Americans suffer through inflation is reprehensible.

Nothing says out of touch like making Ukraine funding and gas stove prohibition the highest policy priorities as inflation devastates us and government schools fail students.

鉁 Send an additional $1 billion to Taiwan per year in annual presidential drawdown authority, allowing the White House to send weapons directly to Taiwan from Pentagon stockpiles. 鉁 Provide $800 million in taxpayer funds for Congress to purchase weapons for Ukraine... (3/6)

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